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1.- Contact the collaborating body of your choice to ask for an appointment and explain your business idea to them.

2.- After this first meeting, register with our management tool and select the collaborating body that interviewed you:


3.- The collaborating body will help you to draw up a Business Plan and, if you wish, they will sign an “Eligibility and Feasibility Report” for you, but that is entirely up to you.

The “Eligibility and Feasibility Report” is obligatory to apply for a micro-credit with Caixabank, but it is not binding for this funding to be granted. In other words, Caixabank will not accept applications without a feasibility report signed by one of the collaborating bodies, but the decision of whether or not to grant the micro-credit does not depend on the report, it depends exclusively on Caixabank criteria and acceptance circuits.

4.- Present the following documentation in a Caixabank Micro-credit Management Branch

• Applications forms that can be printed from the tool
• Business Plan
• “Eligibility and Feasibility Report” signed by the collaborating body

You must also present:

If you file the application as a self-employed person:

• NIF (Tax Reg. Nº) of the applicant(s)
• Social Security Registration as self-employed.
• Census return(s) and, if necessary, registration for Business Tax.

If you file the application as a company:

• NIF (Tax Reg. Nº) of the legal representative(s) of the company.
• Articles of association and modifications, if any.
• Accreditation of the legal representative’s powers of attorney.
• Census return and, if necessary, registration for Business Tax.

If you file the application as an entrepreneur:
• NIF (Tax Reg. Nº) of the applicant(s).

You can file an application as an entrepreneur without being registered as self-employed or a company but if the funding is approved, you will have to register or set up a company and provide the necessary documentation before signing the final contract.

5.- Caixabank may now ask you for supplementary information and documentation to analyse the project. Once all the documentation has been provided, the bank will have one month to decide on your application.

6.- Three months after obtaining the funding, the applicant must present the account slip based on the following form. The format of this form must remain unaltered and it must be possible to enter only as many lines as may be necessary to list all the expenses.

For any incidences, suggestion or complaint about your application, please contact us at

Offices in Gran Canaria:
Avenida Alcalde José Ramirez Bethencourt, 17.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Offices in Tenerife:
Villalba Hervás, 4, 6th floor
Santa Cruz de Tenerife.