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To be accredited as an investor it is necessary to follow a simple process of public tender or of «Manifestación de Interés», fully detailed in the official call.

The «Manifestaciones de Interés» should be submitted in one sealed envelope, indicating on the outside the reference number of the call (JEREMIE No. 03/2016), the applicant’s name and the email address. Inside, the documentation in paper form (with original signatures) and removable electronic media (CD ROM or USB) will be included. The sealed envelope may be handed in hand in one of the offices of Sodecan, located at the the addresses below, or send to one of them by courier or certified mail:

Sodecan (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
Avda. Alcalde Ramírez Bethencourt, 17
35004, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Sodecan (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
Villalba Hervás, 4, 6º

38002, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The applicants have to send an email to informing of the date of filing or sending the «Manifestación de Interés», justifying the imposition shipping date on the post office, in case the documentation was sent by mail. After ten calendar days from the date indicated if the «Manifestación de Interés» has not been received, it will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Once the «Manifestación de Interés» is received, Sodecan will send you an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail.


• Accreditation application, conforme al siguiente form (Apppendix 2).
• Applicant’s details, conforme al siguiente form (Apppendix 3).
• Declaration of absence of conflict of interest, pursuant to the following form (Apppendix 4).
• Declaration on exclusion situations, pursuant to the following form (Apppendix 5).
• Declaration of compliance and European and national regulation, pursuant to the following form (Apppendix 6).
• Declaration of financial capacity, pursuant to the following form (Apppendix 7).
• Plan and investment strategy, pursuant to the following form (Apppendix 8).

Offices in Gran Canaria:
Avenida Alcalde José Ramirez Bethencourt, 17.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Offices in Tenerife:
Villalba Hervás, 4, 6th floor
Santa Cruz de Tenerife.